Nov 122003

ok, so it’s been a while.. I can explain… !! I’ve been playing Progress Quest.. well actually it plays itself.. but it’s fun to watch!!.. text base screen saving at it’s best.. try it out!! join the Oobag server and get in our guild DVS (Dirty Voodoo Squad)

I saw Matrix the other night

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. I liked it, no really! Everyone else I’ve talked to says it “Sucked” “was horrible” etc… Personally I believe these people have over compensated :\ They were some willing to think that these movies would be like the first or perhaps be life altering. Well you can’t have that. It’s not Lord of The Rings or anything.. Two unknown directors who liked Kung-Fu and comics made these movies and everyone expects freaking Shakespeare (in the matrix). Anyways if you just go for the CG and the entertainment.. the movie is really good.

Ok, I’m off to bed.. I can see that it’s late and stuff 😛


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