Feb 152004

So I saw “50 First Dates” tonight

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. I really liked it. It’s one of the better Sandler movies. Him and Drew do another excellent job and it’s refreshing to see them back together after Wedding Singer.

The sound track was a HUGE highlight as it had several 80’s songs re-done in cool interesting new ways. With Songs from The Police and Cure as big highlights I was really impressed and will probably get the album tomorrow. As a “date” movie this one is a winner. Sandler at his best by far. Witty, smooth and the slow common mans leader.

There were only two parts that were slow for me and both kind of took me off guard. They were not show stoppers but they could have been different. Luckily they were only a few seconds in length. One of the best parts is just about every character in the movie was played by one of the standard “Sandler” crew. It’s nice to see these guys reprise roles in new movies every two years and cool to see Adam making sure his friends stay with him and be stars like him.

In the end I would recommend this movie with 5 stars. GOOD PEOPLES!!

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