Mar 252004

Ok, I just recently returned from my 2nd trip to SF. I have officially found a new place to live. I’ll be in Redwood City just behind Oracle. There is a walk/bike trail that I can take that will put me to work in 10 minutes! I’m going to love it. No more driving to work for 40 minutes and no more traffic or other bullshit

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This trip I saw a total of about 10 apartments, added to the 12 I saw last time I was there and I have pretty much got the SF/Bay area renter scene down!. From the 950 dollar apartments to the 1600 dollar ones I now know all there is to know!.

I want to let everyone know that the next 2 weeks are going to be extremely busy for me. My move out date here is the 5th! and I have to be back to work again on the 12th. I just hope to god everything gets there quickly and I can start getting settled.

The apartment I found though not a 2 bedroom nor as cheap as I would have liked is a middle ground choice. With it being SO FREAKIN close to work I took the trade off to spend a little more (1200) for a very large 750 sq foot one bedroom apartment rather then a more distant cheaper 2 bedroom (which was not in the best of spots mind you). Plus I always have the option of finding a new place in a year. (which after being there for a while should be pretty easy to do.

Well, I’ll try and update this blog sometime before the actual move happens. If not the earliest I could write again would be sometime around the 8th or 9th.

Peace out, wish me lots of luck and remember to spill a little for the homey’s!


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