Apr 042004

Today is the day.. well tomorrow is.. The moving company comes and packs all my shit up for the Move to San Fran. I’m excited, nervous and a little freaked out.

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. Today at work the movers came and unplugged everything. Sorted it and got it packaged for transport.. It was freaky as well. The call center was full of these strangers just manhandling peices of equipment that my friends normally use every day.

The computers here at the house come down tonight as well. I have to organize them and get all their cables labelled and shit. Plus my god that closet is horrid.. shit all over the place.. I may just have them pack it all up for the hell of it and just leave it in boxes when I get there 😛

Ok, well back to work now. Always working! I will update you all when I get into work on Friday.

Peace outside!


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