Jun 232004

Alright! Welcome to an exciting week which should keep some people at least busy here for 8 to 9 minutes! I’ve updated the “MyArt” section with two new sets of photo days. The first is our road trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium

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. It was DAMN GOOD FUN! the next is actually 3 days! It starts out with “Greene-a-palooza!” which was a r0ckIn good party. It then follows our incredible train ride into the city where we walked some 25 blocks. The next set of images is our drive over to the North bay to see the Golden Gate bridge in all it’s glory.

I hope you enjoy all the images! I plan to have more and perhaps even get time to do them up a little better!

Remember all this can be seen over there <---------------- in the MyArt Section!

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