Jul 062004

Spider-Man 2…

HOLY shit this movie was the best. I would put it on par with LOTR ROTK. Though different in scope and story it is by far up there with any “great” summer movie ever made.

The movie was slated to be a sequel and I though would simply be a summer action movie with our favorite Webhead in it

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. OH was I wrong. the movie is full of emotion, action, story, character development and beauty.

The CGI is awesome! though I will admit in one or two shots it could have been better. However this movie takes virtual actors to a new level different than that of Gollum or Jar Jar or even the first movie. Digital actor replacement is getting damn good is all I can say and if it helps bring characters like this to life then I’m all for using it over traditional stunts.

In closing I don’t want to give any of the movie away or tell you the story I just want you to go see it. I will again! Hopefully this movie will be remembered come Oscar time next year but if it doesn’t we’ll just have to remember that it’s broken all summer time movie opening records!

peace out!


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