Jul 202004

Ok, so I just bought this new peice for my desk. Hopefully when I’m done I can set it up at work.

So what did I get?

A Star Wars Episode II Republic Gunship 

Now I just have to find some Clone Troopers to go inside.

I’m looking for

2-3 Clone Trooper Pilots

6 Clone Troopers (red)

1 Clone Trooper w/Speeder bike

1 Yoda in combat

1 ARC Trooper as “commander

I’ll then work on a base to mount it to. I know it wont be easy the Gunship is HUGE. at least 28 inches long with a wing span in the 35 inch range. I also want to add some more color to it. Right now it’s basically “light tan” with some black and red highlights. I would think a ship like this would have more grey in it as well as more “wear” so I’ll try to dry brush that on.

I think when done it will look cool.

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Here are some links to “others” concepts and pics of their Gunships.




Lego Image


A good place to check out others who are trying their hand at custom builds


Images used with out permission ¬© 2004 Lucasfilm Ltd and Hasbro Toys

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