Aug 042004

Today was an extremely long day and yet tomorrow is already looking to be even longer. I interviewed for an position that has recently become open at work and rather then have one interview I will receive a battery of interviews. Yes, 5 total when all is said and done.

I think in hind sight I did rather well in the first 3 interviews and have confidence that I will do well tomorrow. The unfortunate part you may ask? How could all this be so “good” with out a bad?? Well there is always a black spot to the best of things. I guess that’s what makes them worth remembering and experiencing

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. So my black spot is..

I wake up at 11am Tuesday.

I interview from 1pm to 3pm

I attend a Team meeting for my department. (where I happen to win Employee of the quarter)

I then go home and come back for work at 11pm.

My next set of interviews start at 10am and go until 11:15am.

I then have a department meeting at 3:30pm to 4:30pm

I then have to be back at work for 11pm.

I will need to be ready for tomorrow that is a given but I also need to sleep. Juggling those two will be the exciting part of the next 2 days.

My plan right now is to leave work early (5am) get 4 hours of sleep.. come for the interviews, sleep on sofa.. get 2 hours sleep.. go home at 4:45pm and get another 5 hours sleep.. that gives me a grand total of about 11 hours in the next 55+ or so.

Joy is the life we live and the challanges we overcome.


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