Aug 142004

Ok, I’m back from my LA trip. I’ll have some pictures and some other crap up soon to look at. I also visited RRM which was cool and I’ll do a little write up about that as well. I’m beat at the moment though after the 5.5hour drive. I will throw out this little story though..

I’m making great time and great gas mileage. I’m doing about 78mph on what for Cali is really nice road (I-5). I had filled up in Burbank and was going to see if I could make it in one tank of gas. It’s about 360 miles give or take a few. I’m doing great now, I’ve gone 3/4 of a tank and travelled 299 miles so I’m getting about 36 mpg or so and think to myself, I’ve just stopped and used the head, I’ve thrown in the Episode IV Star Wars Music CD, I’ve just screamed out of the rest area, that sign just said SF was 68 miles and I’m not going that far so I have at best 35 miles to go. “I can do this!” So I press on and start to make my way into the hills. Now I’m starting to hit a mean ass cross wind and my car is like a sail from the side, it’s hard to keep her straight but it’s do-able. I’m hauling and I start getting into the hills where the windmills are and notice that my MPG has dropped.. and bad!! I see the last gas station go by and I have no idea how far I need to go, but I press on!! This is a snap shot of 12 miles…

I’m going up hill now, winds blowing head on into the car from the West. Windmills are all around me, blades are spinning like mini death and my gas is dropping, looks like it’s bleeding from all these blade cutting. “I’m not going to make it” I think, but I have to I can’t stop. The music is jumping, horns playing the Empires attack I still feel ok as the sun is shinning down into my face. I’m at the top of the hills now, starting down hill, I’m letting up on the gas and coasting. The music has changed though, now it’s all suspense, all drama but I’m thinking of too much stuff and can’t change it. My gas light has come on, fuck wasn’t it just 1/4 tank a few songs ago!!… I’m not gonna make it now I can feel it.. when the light comes on, that means only 2 gallons left!!.

I’m coasting now and round a corner into the sun and I see some houses near the bottom. I’m saved! I find an off ramp as quickly as I can that shows a gas icon and almost run the light, as I pull into the gas station next to the pump the music has built to a giant finish.. “BUMP BUMP BUMP!!” it screams to me as I cut it off.

I fill the tank and hit the highway again and as I pull out onto the road the music has started the final track, we all know so well

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. Han, Chewie and Luke are at the base of the stairs and the princess is smilling down ready to hand them medals.. I’m overjoyed and excited now as I take the SM bridge the final distance.


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