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9/11 is almost upon us again. I can still remember the exact moment, the feelings, the visuals and the disbelief I felt that day. As we get closer to this day it is important that we reflect on what took place and what is going on in the world today.

Elections are around the corner, The end of the Iraqi war and the removal of US troops is getting ever closer but we still face many difficult challanges. Terror continues to impact the world, setting off fears in many UN member countries and the innocent continue to be the targets of small, spiteful men who have blurred their beliefs.

In these coming days lets try to remember the love we share with our friends and family and extend that love to the people around us. Share a moment with a new friend, an experience, a feeling or just some deserved time. You will find that even in this current, high tech and dangerous world we live in the simple things will mean the most to you. Love, dreams, smiles and freedom

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