Sep 232004

Projects, projects, projects!! I’m in the middle of so many art projects it’s killing me.. I have about 3 going atm. 2 for myself and 1 for a friend. I should have some updated photo’s up here soon regarding them.

One is a Star Wars Clone War Diorama of the Genoshian battle. A few lone Clone Troopers, cut off from their squad find themselves under heavy assult from several battle driods and even a Hailfire!. Will they make it out? will reinforcements arrive??

The second one is a Zentradi destroyer from the Robotech series and a reference sized SDF-1. The ships are models, they are rather small but they have a crap load of detail!. I also have a Macross Zero battloid from the same makers.

The other and final project at this time is “Project Boyd”. A case and terrain diorama for his fantasy figs. I’m constructing a box, painting rock wall and setting up the setting and feel.

I should have some pics uploaded to the “MyArt” section in a few days time

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On a side note I switch from overnights soon and I’ll be on the regular night shift again soon… ahh.. night shift.. another 2 years of the dark.. =)


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