Oct 232004

Ok, because I am the “Motivator” of the group I will be voting for Castro and 17th for this halloween. This will be all our first time there since we moved from Austin. From what the locals said at work this is “the place” to be and there will be lots of cock and tits (As david and chelsea put it) I’m not sure I know exactly what that means.. but fuck it’s SF right?

I will be going as my Drunk, scottish football fan fandango puppet (or at least my right hand will be) maybe my left hand will go as my date? ha! not funny :

Anyways, who knows maybe holidays will be fun.

Updated site again last night, Marens visit, my trip to LA and something else I don’t care to remember atm

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going to bed, fuck if I’m not so tired today.. work is the hard nut :\

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