Oct 242004


Daily extended (by Astrology.com)

You won’t have to go far to find whatever you seek. When it comes down to expanding the rubric of your understanding, siblings or cousins may be your best teachers. You have enough in common with these people so that you can use shorthand to grasp their message. And anyway, it’s probably something that you already knew but never fully registered. Family history speaks with the voice of experience, even if it’s not any experience that you ever had. Familiar vistas are flowing with new potential. Your creative impulses come from someplace deep and old

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Just what the hell does any of that mean? I like the last 2 lines and the very first line.. that’s about it.. the rest makes NO FUCKIN SENSE!! thanks Horror-scope god..

and with that… from someplace deep and old!

Inclusive we exclude what we need, never far from the begining.

Around this vista of change, color and sound that spreads onward to the horizon.

I see those lights that blind me, tease me and make me who I am.

The status of my publish though is always pushed back, never time for love.

I will become new at the start of the day though, fresh and without scars.


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