Nov 242004

Ok, So over the last few weeks I’ve had to deal with different companies “support”. Since my biz is online support here are the ratings.

Jbox/ “excellent” (Ordered a t-shirt and some figs) Though slow with shipping they are very nice in email and extremely prompt on communication. “horrible” (I ordered some monitor shelves) My order has been on back order since Sept 9th. I sent them an email because I checked their option “if a back ordered item don’t order and let me know” but apparently that doesn’t work. I asked them about it and they said they would have it in a few days and get it out to me. I received an email 11/18 saying “my order was shipping” It is now the 22nd and it hasn’t left yet. really, no excuse

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. “Not to bad, a little slow” (Bought SWG:JTL Pre-Order) they didn’t send my my beta reg code for my “Flash Speeder” in game, talked to them on the phone, received it today. (see sony review) (Slow, often days) Pre-Order for Jumpt to Lightspeed, very big thing, the first SWG Expansion! I finally get my reg code to get my free gift for Pre-ordering. Only I can’t find where on the site I’m to enter it. So, the FAQ site had nothing, I’m trying live chat support at the moment, 40ish minutes of;

The next available Agent will be with you in a moment.

All agents are currently busy. Please stand by.


I’m chatting with Chad T. not to bad, I think 1 hour wait. Lucky I had this! =) Lets see how Chad handles my issue.

Here is a snip of our chat.

never mind! it closed the window when I followed his instructions.. “brilliant” “Sad, truely sad” (Need help with Full Spectrum Warrior port settings) I bought FSW so we could co-op play and maybe I could play online with it. Only my firewall blocks it. I sent THQ a support email Wed 11/10. Its now been 12 days with no response. Either they have one email tech guy or my question stumped them. Lets hope it’s neither… “Awesome” (I had to return something) Fast, easy, they let me print out my own shipping label. Only took them 4 days to get package and issue refund.

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