Dec 292004

I have learned tonight that I truly hate my DVD burner… I always have the hardest trouble burning a DVD for some reason.

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. Tonight, I reinstalled Nero 6.6 which took like 2 hours with reboots and downloads, and yet again more reboots. Only to learn, that reinstalling didn’t really help or fix the problem I’m having, which is simply the software not wanting to finish the burn, and stopping before it gets to 40-50% complete.

I will be contacting Nero this weekend to discuss this issue, and find out if I need to switch to another, more stable application like Roxio. I have, to date never had good luck with burning DVD video onto the drive with Nero. It either stops mid burn, or crashes out the application. I have a feeling that I may have to try rolling back to a previous version of Nero that I know worked, to see if something “new” is causing this issue. We’ll see in the morning though, because I’m tired and about fed up!


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