Jan 062005

Ok, I’ve been working on what I need to improve on/fix for this quarter.

This is January’s plan. (the start)

1) Get more healthy

2) Get more exercise

3) Get out more

4) Spend less money

How I’m going to do that?

1) Get on a new diet that builds on a low cal intake, is easy to make and cheap

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2) Start walking/riding when I wake up in the moring not when I get home tired.

3) Find people that want to socialize more maybe find a group or activity.

4) Go on less “expensive” social activites, stop eating out.

My goals?

1) Between 1500-1700 calories per day.

2) 30 minutes of walking/riding 6-7 days per week.

3) Find people thru work or in the area who are doing things.

4) Stop spending!! (but save for lower cost rewards!

5) Maybe start my own “life-style” page here.


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