Jan 192005

I’ve had my fish tank for 6 days now. Tomorrow will be the first week. I’ve had to make some changes to it, I’ve introduced 2 fish to a new life and I’m excited about what the future will bring to my little new world.

Since I’m not the boring, bullish half bastard I see others as, I needed a story for my fish. Like everything I do, I’ve needed to create some fiction for my new world. So at the moment it’s a toss up between these two ideas.


So what is Project:Fish? Just that, how I and some strange fish, picked to live in a one bedroom apartment get along. The “true story” of when things go right and go wrong. bla bla bla..

The remains of Nor.

900 years have pasted, the once pristine city of Nor has laid at the bottom of the Ocean of Spines, the ancient spell of ruin cast, causing it to slip below the waves. Its people long dead, it’s future long since history, it’s memory fading it wakens. Below the dark waves, shivers of magic resonate from the now dark, crumbled facades. A new birth begins, new gods enter the world thru the magical portal that has been sparked

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. Who are these new gods? what is their puropse? Are they good, or evil? Only the future will tell, only the one thing which Nor has had these past years will shed knowledge; Time

See Nor or the Project:Fish in the “MyArt” section to the left. It’s about half way down.


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