Jan 202005

So I was just checking my web stats for the month.

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. here are some interesting facts about Mypron.com!!

I’ve had;

1 person from Latvia check out my website!

199 people from Canada!!

70% of all my trafic comes from other websites, from the 30% from search engines 55% come from google.

The most common keyword is “Monkey” @ 13%

the 3 most common words are “Monkey, Smack and The”… hmmmm how many interesting sentences can you make out of that?

The last search engine (yahoo) to pull my site was for the search on “monkey nipples”…. odd.. I don’t even have those on this site… :

I know my site does not get a lot of traffic but in the last 800 days over 8k people have checked it out, with my highest month drawing 500!

Lets hope for a better 2005!! maybe more interesting bullshit about me? or pictures of nakkid women? ahh.. who knows.. most likely just more boring ass shit about me!


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