Feb 212005

Saw Constantine tonight. Pretty good picture, sweet art and CGI. Nice design, very Dante-ish. Of course Keanu just reprised his role as “neo” the deamon slayer in this movie. He showed no emotion…:\ I want to like the guy as an actor but they have to type cast him into custom roles or he just can’t do it.

The music was great, Perfect Circle was in the line up.. perfect movie for them to shine in. I’m suprised there were not more “goth” kids at the movie, guess vamps are the only movies they love.. 😛

I will admit though that the scenes showing hell were amazing.
As you can see from “concept” to “final shot” below..

**Ending the night with a late dinner at the fridays. Had the pleasure of talking to a cute server, pre-law even.. I liked that ambition.. hehe..I left my web address because I didn’t think it “proper” or gentlemen like to ask for a pretty girls number at her place of work. Maybe she will stumble by here, see this and email me?? (sure, right…) ahh.. I wish technology was better somehow.

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Anyways.. 2 more days of work until my weekend! Important meeting tomorrow, Departmental policy document and some requests to some of the development teams for game stats for FAQ creation.

joys of life!

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