Feb 242005

So I got a call just before I was headed out to dinner from my boss, you dinner now, we are going to talk and have drinks. Well I was about to go do something important but when it comes to work and when my boss acts this way I tend to want to know what it is fast.

So I found out that my boss got promoted! See there were two directors and a VP before today. Both the Directors have been great friends to me and hell each other

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. They both came with us from Austin when we moved. Hell the one director who is leaving sold me his spare dishwasher! One is over voice tech and accounts and my boss is over us guys. Now my boss gets it all, the whole ball o wax so to speak..

The good part, he doesn’t leave his job until the end of this finscal, which means there’s still time to hang out with him and talk old times. He’s leaving for what he thinks is a better experience, a start up.

What does this mean for my current director? more work, which will no doubt lead to more work for us lower guys.. hehe… more challange, more time to shine, more chances for promo’s of our own.

I’m excited..

As for what I was going to do before I was called away.. :\ I’m very sorry, not a very good impression, I mean I’m not normally like that, if I say I’m going to be somewhere I’m usually there and early. I hope this is forgivable, I know it’s probably small, but like I said, first impressions are a @#%# when you let someone down.

I will try to make it up though!

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