Mar 292005

So your probably thinking to yourself… “self.. what has marco been up to these last 6 weeks.. ” Well I could tell you about all the great fun I’ve been having or even mention that the last few weeks have brought a smile to my face. I know, I know, you don’t really want to hear about that stuff. You want to know the real grit, the real story.

Apartment hunting is like pulling a wire thru the head of your penis, in the dark. It’s like eating Wendy’s chili and dropping the spoon because your all thumbs.. I found out today that Karen’s rent is going $125 dollars..

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. that’s a whole hella lot for the same place. Especially when apartments in the area are NO WHERE NEAR that price just over a tiny bridge 4 miles away. I haven’t gotten my renewal information yet but I expect it to be here on the 1st or so. (yes such a great april fools joke.. right?)

I just got some numbers to some places I can look at plus it looks like criags list has updated all their entries as well so I have about 15 from there. I’ll most likely try to visit 1 or 2 tomorrow and then a bunch on Wens.

Now, to say one final thing before I head off to bed. I know it’s not a great picture… the train was moving and it was kind of dark in there.. but I’d like to introduce “Christine” my new significant other. You may not hear from me for a while now… since my little freak will most likely kill me…. … …

Image removed for fear of life threating accident……

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