Apr 032005

So I talked to “joe” the landlord of the apartment building I’ve been looking at. It’s a nice quiet building, little on the older side of things. It’s in a great spot though, just minutes from work and the best part… it’s a hell of a lot cheaper then were I’m currently at and a lot cheaper then what they wanted to raise my rent to here, to boot it’s 150+ sq feet bigger!. The icing on the cake.. I get the garage as well….. I hear it’s huge! I’ll finally be able to work on my car again.

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. in peace and on level ground… I can’t wait!

I fax my application to them tomorrow, joe is even waiving the application fee! I will most likely begin the move in about 2 weeks, that leaves me 14 or so days to fully move out and get this place clean and ready, plus get that place kind of unpacked.

I also picked up some of the new Star Wars Eps III figures and vehicles today. There are two more I want to get, the ST RT? and this sweet speeder bike and some of the new Clone Troopers. Can’t wait!

Here are some shots of the new place, outside, inside and the view from the bedroom of the belmont hills behind.

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