May 092005

I saw Kingdom of Heaven today. I enjoyed it, though at the same time wanted more from it

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. Scott does some great files, my favorite being Gladiator. It was of course another period piece. So what are some of the things that made this movie good?

The setting! The Crusades are full of rich history, and hold so many untold stories they could make movies about them for years and years. The effects were ok, great back drops of the holy city and the bombardment of the main wall. The fight scenes were very well put together as well. The story was well done, though it had some holes. The final ending scene was a little odd as well.

What I didn’t like…
The story had lots of holes, it also didn’t go deep enough into why the Crusades were fought or who fought them. It didn’t explain who paid for them, or who ordered them. It basically went on about “absolution” for traveling there. As well some of the scenes kind of either didn’t flow together (bad edits) or simply jumped around. Though the CGI was top notch, the blue screen work was the suck. Ever blue screen shot (and there were a lot) blew ass.

I also saw XXX:State of the Union. This was a “fun”movie. All action, no story (or at least the story was horribly bad as to be overlooked by the action). This movie also had the worst, if not the worst blue screen work I’ve seen in years. Don’t get me wrong it has its parts, I’ve always been a fan of “special ops” like scenes and this movie had a few. Plus Samuel is the bomb, as well as this was my fav milk girls first movie. She had no speaking part though, which sucks!! bitches..

Anyways. Hitchhikers guide next week and I have to make some time for Sin City but Union city is the only place showing it now.. that’s like way up in the hood!.

Anyways I’m off to bed.

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