May 252005

Star Wars Episode III

The climax of Episode I & II the movie proved to be in my opinion better then its seccessors. The movie relied more on action and internal struggle (much like Episode V) and was the darkest of all the movies.

The story revolves around of course the fall of Anikin Skywalker, the destruction of the Republic and Jedi Order and the birth of the Lord Vader and the Empire. These key story elements have been theorized over for the last 25+ years, and it was nice to finally have the official fiction close the story and fill in all the ends.

In the movie we learn just what it takes to lose all hope, realize betrayal and make a grasp for ultimate power. The loss of ones trust, their heart and their feeling of being unworthy. We find out how the Jedi Order is crushed to make way for the Sith, how easy it is for clone troopers to turn of commrades in arms.

Lets break down what I liked and what I didn’t!
Clone Troopers:
Undergoing yet another uniform change to get them one more transition step closer to Storm Troopers, this episodes Troopers find themselves in more environments and with their helmets off more. It was refreshing to be reminded that they are all clones, that the Jedi how are their commanders have a relationship with them and can tell them apart. However, the CGI background troopers left me a little disappointed. You could easily tell them appart with their helmets off when they were near real actors (which happen a lot)Also, when they were in small arms battles and took hits, they didn’t fall just right. Their weight was off, center of balance. You could see they were hand animated in an attempt to give them more individual manarisms. Unfortunately, it didn’t come across as good as the last 2 movies. I really, liked their new armor though, the different types were everywhere. I would have liked to see more “commandos” in ARC gear rather then just “yellow” accented troopers.

They looked awesome! They made a great addition to the movie. Roaring, jumping, shooting big ass Bow Casters. Chewie was present. (he being about 200 years old when we see him first in Episode IV) Yoda was very interested in helping the wookies protect their planet from the Droid Army and to keep releations open. However, the force that was present, the army that was assembled was IMO crap. The battle looked like a small skirmish, rather then an entire planet of wookie defending their world

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. The wookie also played little part in the actual movie, small parts, brief at times. Overall, I was disappointed with it. Chewie was basically a harry transport for Yoda. No real back story about him, who he is now, what his role in the wookie world is.

Awesome! the saber battles were the best of the 6 movies. I was amazed at the speed and complexity of the fights. They were top notch! Of note is also the 20 minute intro fight over Courasant. The detail in this scene is amazing, as well as the marked change in direction. There is a heavy influence in this scene from both Babylon 5 and some more recent stuff like Battlestar Galactica in the way the part is shot. We see more detail and even the death of pilots and their flight through the vacuum of space.

The other fight scenes through out the movie are implied to be “Planet assualts” yet the fights take place over very small areas with very small numbers of troops. Only the first intro battle gives the sense of a large planet wide battle.

Lucas should not have written the love scene dialoge for this movie.. It comes across as really bad melodrama.

What can I say, the toys from this movie are great! I’m hoping that more will be released and I also wish there was some type of knowledge base on what is released and where to get it. So far it’s been a luck of the draw, crap shoot to find some of the figures I want. I’m hoping that some of the larger spaceship stuff gets moved to actual models that I can find, we’ll see though. As well as there are some droids that would have made awesome figures that are not out. Lets hope Lucas isn’t happy with 15 billion and wants just the little more this would give him. =)

In the end this was an excellent conclusion and kick off for the series. It held together the arching story and even got my girl to go see it. (no small feat Mr Lucas!)

I can’t wait for the DVD release, of course there will be a collectors edition, which means my Father will be getting the 2 I have already for some holiday or special event. Hurry DVD hurry!!


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