May 292005

babysitting 101:

So on Friday I had the chance to baby sit a 1 year old. It was a very educational experience. It was like hanging out with a short, very cute but bipolar mumbler. As soon as he was settled in we began to play, all was good and smiles and giggles filled the air. 3 minutes would pass however and he would remember that his mother left him in the company of a stranger. “WAAAAAAAAA! MAAAMAAA!” I would make a funny face and silence would follow. There was a great moment, when I had him near the bay window (ala Wako Jako style) where he would just stare outside and not make a word or peep for 15 minutes. (from what I’ve been told, this is unheard of in the baby world)

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Lucky for me that he only had one tiny, tiny moment and he didn’t poop. Had he pooped I’m pretty sure I would have called SWAT or some super secret highly trained tac group to help with the changing. Over all though I had a really great time and even though he was only awake for about 20% of his whole stay I think it went rather well!

I hope to get the chance to do it again, I’m eager to test myself. Of course I’m going to need to look up some things first, I want to be prepared this time. However, he was awesome to hang out with.


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