Jun 132005

So this weekend Christine and I watched two movies. The Terminal and Silence of the Lambs

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. Of course everyone has seen SotL, it’s been out since 1991, well almost everyone 😛 However, I wanted to talk about “The Terminal”.

Steven Spielberg… Tom Hanks… Katharine Zeta Jones, how can you go wrong with a movie like that? Well you can! The movie was just one giant run on sentence, with no real base in fact. In the end, he doesn’t get the girl, a man goes back to India to face certain death and 2 others in the airport will most likely lose their jobs, become homeless and end up on the street dead with their families.

The man builds a fountain in a terminal, takes over and squats gate 67, and manages to harass a customs official for several days in the name of love. Apparently you also need an appointment to mop, and the meaning of life is buried in the fact, no one reads “Caution: Wet Floor” signs. Yes, this movie is your classic cookie cutter “Sleepless” but with out any of the good things movies like that had. The one cool thing in the movie is his promise to his father, Get all the great Jazz players of the 40-50’s to sign their names. He keeps his fathers dream alive in a peanut can with a metal lid.(perhaps a metaphor for closure?)that he kisses and keeps with him like they are the ashes of the man himself.

Where does he find the last great jazz man? The Ramada on 1140 Lexington ave. How poetic!


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