Jun 142005

I think they are relly close to finding the Holloway girl in Aruba. Today’s news was all about some new patch of shrub brush they hadn’t checked. I haven’t watched it in a few days and was suprised to know they have 3 new suspects. 3 kids that were there at the same time. They “say” they visited various parts of the island and brought her back to the hotel at 2am. Unfortunately, the security cams at the hotel don’t show this… “busted!”. I have a gut feeling that they will find the body in a couple of hours, if they haven’t already and the 3 kids will give it up by the middle of next week at the latest

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Wacko Jacko! Yes, gets off scott free! Who would have believed it? I’d say more but the fact he didn’t even get a count for giving wine or porn to a child kind of makes me wonder if I was the king of pop, could I get away with all this?


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