Jun 202005

So looks like we may be going with the 1st or 2nd patch idea for the Battlefield 2 squad. I’ve been addicted to the demo, getting in about 2 hours a day. I normally finish in the top 10, sometimes top 3 depending on the session I’m having. I hoping that we can have a good bunch on the team.

I’ll be making maps and such when it releases with battle notes and good firing positions listed in it

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On the home front, everything is going good. I am going to register the car later today as well as clean the air filter. (which requires I put it on jack stands and get under it. I’ll probably check the suspension while I’m there as well and take note of which size wrenches I’ll need to put in my header and rear tie bar. I’m still looking at tires and rims though. I REALLY need them but I haven’t had the time to call around and find local prices and such.

Christine is the best of course, she is really a ball to be around. For two people that have absolutely nothing in common we sure do find a lot to talk about and do… hehe..

Well I’m going to be in the house till noon playing BF2 then I’m out!

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