Jun 262005

So the only thing longer then an 8 hour work day is.. You guessed it.. A 12 hours fun day!! Though these days can be great, the often tire the hell out of me (though in a good way).

Today we went to Six Flags/Marine World in Vellajo. It’s about a hour up highway 80 from the city and doesn’t require to much pain to find. The park itself is rather small in size, though very densely packed. It was nice to visit a park that had both animals and rides, it provides a good mix and allows you to not get tired of one thing. Now, for some of the highlights!

Lions and Tigers oh my!
I was able to see the Tiger show while Christine was out hunting for a bathroom. It was very cool. The oldest Male (9 years) was showing off his ability to both jump (over 10 feet) between logs and dive (head and all) into 12 foot water. Weighing in at around 380 pounds and standing 8-9 feet tall is rather impressive for a cat! They showed off his size several times by letting him get up on the wire cage that separated us from what would have been a Fox TV animals gone wild moment. After showing off the big male they brought out 3, 2 year old cubs. They said that these cubs (which were a different species) would out weight the big male when fully grown. The male cub would be in the 500-700 pound range!!

Mammals overboard!!

We got a chance to watch the Killer Whale show. Shouka is what I think they called her

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. 4000 pounds, of sleek, quick, powerful muscle! The show lasted about 30 minutes with a small break in the middle to have a bottle nosed dolphin show off some. There’s nothing like seeing a man flung through the air 15 feet, only to land in the water by one of these guys! We also had a chance to see the sealions.. The big male was all show and loud honks while everyone watched him parade around in the water.

Roller over you say?
Medusa, mythical Greek titan, cursed with horrible looks, able to turn any person who looks upon her face to stone. Also not a half bad roller coaster! You basically sit in a bucket seat, feet dangling while you experience about 40 seconds of speed, high G turns and whipping of your body back and forth. It was totally cool, I made sure to sit in the front so I could see it all. Next time I go, I will for sure be on more rides!

But wait.. There’s more!! Here’s a little observation I had while waiting to ride what could literally kill me (with fun!) coaster ride. Ok, so to fly a plane, most pilots are older adults.. (we’ll say over 25 just for this example). The guys that were handling the Tigers, had to have been in the 25-35 range as well as the aquatic trainers. Hell, the people driving the shuttle buses were at least in their early 20’s. The point being, for every coaster I have been on, why in gods name is my safety and the safety of hundreds (maybe thousands!) of others a day put into the hands of a bunch of 16 and 17 year olds? The girl who was running the ride couldn’t have been more then 16. The girl who secured my harness and was also in charge of starting the coaster, 16 at best as well!! What happens when someone has an accident? or the ride needs to be shut down.. Does the girl who’s training mostly consists of “Enjoy Marine world, I hope you liked the ride” know how to stop the coaster when my belt breaks and I slide out, hanging on for dear life??

Good question huh.. Think about it… it’s the only real job I can think of where a machine or piece of equipment, THAT LARGE (and yes it is a complex machine) is run by a bunch of teenagers..

On a side note, I burned the HELL out of the back of my neck, arms and nose. I’m SOOO going to look like a redneck (sorry dad)tomorrow.


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