Jun 292005

I’m sick today :\ I’m running a low grade fever, I’m weak and I have both a runny nose and scratchy soar throat. I decided not to work today so that I could not get others at work sick as well. The worst part is we were just catching up at work from our recent move to the 2nd floor. This weekend has been chaos, with boxes, PC’s, missing hardware, broken hardware.. no phones, no network.. Everything that could go wrong, probably did go wrong. The worst part is I’m still about 5 days behind on my work since the move on Friday

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I have a huge, important doc that needs to be written (which I’m working on at home a little at a time) but will be slow going with out the resources from work to fall back on.

I’m going to get some more clarification on what the doc should have in it so at least I wont be writing to see myself write… hehe.. plus.. it’s lunch time now!


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