Jul 012005

So some funny things came into my life today.

1st, I got some spam email for “Penis Growth Pathces are here!”
in the email is the following text!

Achieve stronger and harder erections
[link removed because I don’t like the patch]

Instant gratification takes too long.
No man ever listened himself out of a job.
The medium is the message.
A pound of pluck is worth a ton of luck.
The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.


Also you’ll love this, my old apartment complex sent me my final “move out invoice”. It appears that I owe them still 81 or so dollars. It would appear that it cost just over 190 dollars to clean and fix my apartment…. yeah.. I was curious about that as well. It seems that the rug needed full cleaning, the walls needed several “spot paintings” and the who apartment was charged for cleaning.

I’m pretty sure I left that place as good as I got it. Add to that “normal wear” and I don’t see who they can charge me to do something they would normally have to do to re-rent the apartment.

To boot, they also stiffed me on my pre-move out inspection (which they could have done with me, showing me areas I needed to correct, but alas.. they never called or showed for that.

So on Tuesday I’ll be stopping by to see proof and validation of the damages that I caused. I know I took pictures of the apartment when I left…. did they?
My anger at Cingular has subsided… for now.

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. The other day I called them wanting to upgrade my phone and maybe get a better plan… I told them T-mobile had 1k minutes for 39.99.. their closest plan was 59.99. They told me “that’s a great deal” (re: t-mobiles plan).. I was a little pissed.. but thought, fuck them, I’ll just keep my current plan for 9 more months, then move to t-mobile..

Today in th email I get a letter from Cingular.. “Because your a great customer, we want to offer you. 1k minutes for 39.99!!” LOL!! yeah… So I’ll be upgrading after all, just have to do it before the 23th… =) fuckers, if they would have just said this on the phone, it would have been a lot easier..


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