Jul 082005

So I made some ringtones for my phone today

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. They are pretty kick ass. I have a the Gwen banana song, Oceans 11, ACDC, Alicia Keys and a linkin park song. The down side is I don’t have enough people call me to use them all :\

If you have a SE S710a you may use these two ringtones at the bottom of the page, They are of course made with out permission and for personal use only!!

Oh fuck well.. I also got 2 of my 4 tires today. They are a little small, but I’ll give them a try, I don’t know how negative they may affect the ride. They look sweet though. UPS is just one more (in a long growing line) of companies I think have piss ass CS support. They couldn’t help me at all, just kept on apologizing.. letting me know I should contact the shipper so they can start an investigation.. Maybe fuck tard didn’t realize, but it’s god damn Friday MOTHERFUCKER!! at 6:30pm PST ASSWIPE!! Who the HELL is going to pick up the phone on the East Coast to start a god damn investigation. Why can’t they just call the damn depot and find out who was smoking the bowl that day and sold my tire? It’s not hard to ask!

I’m going to have a drink now.. somebody say “hell yeah!”

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