Jul 112005

What a busy day! I got my wheels delivered and put on. It was slow going at first (I thought they had sent me the wrong size for two of them) but after calming down and letting my anger flow through me… I was able to re-evaluate and get them installed pretty fast

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Matt eats!
Last night Christine and I took Matt to his very first Ice Cream experience. Ha it was awesome! He used a spoon and everything.

Come get some!
It took him a few minutes to figure out what it was, but after he figured out it was tasty stuff he kept at it and put a large dent in his ice cream bowl.

I likey!
Don’t worry about his look in these pics, he was super happy to be eating ice cream, and I was super happy to finally find a freaking DQ!

I also managed to get a bunch of other little things done as well yesterday. I didn’t get to put in my Tie Bar, but I’ll schedule that for next Monday. I would need an alignment anyways since I’ll be modding the suspension. Anyways, work tomorrow so I’m off to bed in an hour and laundry is drying!

Talk soon!

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