Jul 182005

Plan a!
So tonight I was going to fix “maggie”, she’s my AMD 2100 PC. For what ever reason the Video Card is overheating. I thought it might have been the fan, so I took her apart so I could see the fan, turned her on and sure enough, the fan spun…

Plan b!
I pulled out the card, and dusted it off (it was COVERED in dust. Since this is an old case, it has some “holes” and well, they let in a lot of dust. I think tomorrow I’m going to get up early (already a plan mind you!) and hit Best buy up for some PC cleaning supplies and really get in to her and clean her. Also put in some cloth and cover up the big holes to stop more dust from being sucked in.

Have I mentioned today that I love Christine??? Yeah I yelled it going down the 101 today.. I also embarrassed her with my “sweet dance car moves!” 😛 I love it when she gets all shy like that.

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On friday we had a “keg” party at work to promote the NCAA 06 Collage Football release. They had a tuck parked on the great lawn, with 5 taps comming out the side. I only had a beer or two, before heading back to the house. But here are some picks of it.

more BEER
Yeah, that's me!
Random people

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