Jul 252005

Christine left for LA today for her ADT Training. I’m hoping she will have a great time and not be terribly bored

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. I wish I had also had more warning, I would have gone with her and shown her around LA at night 😛 The sad part is I wont see her until Thursday night, when I pick her up from the airport in the late afternoon.

I’m going to try and do some cleaning around the house before she calls me… (opps she just called me.. but says she will call me back!) she is such a tease!!

Stopped by my old apartment this afternoon to discuss my “debt” owned them. I believe I managed to talk them out of the “painting” which will reduce my cost to about 10 bucks or so. I’m not sure if they can charge me for the other items or not.. I really need to talk to someone about it. Apartment law is the suck!

Ok, headed down into the pit of the building to clean cloths!

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