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War of the Worlds

The website.
Very clean, and well polished. Nice use of minimal flash, and gentle music in the background. It has some interesting sections and some good images. It even has a survival game!. Otherwise it’s your standard movie site. I did find one part very nice, a small tribute to the 1938 radio broadcast.

As for the actual movie..
Not as good as one would have hoped. :\ The movie was full of holes, and skipping. Most of the movie takes place in basements! But lets move beyond that and poke at the bad parts shall we?

First, the premise is made that the aliens have buried their attack craft on Earth from before man walked here. (In the movie “a million years” is thrown around) That’s all well and good, packing and planning for the long game is a good thing, but come on.. A MILLION FUCING YEARS! Have these aliens been asleep on Mars the whole time? Did they decided to stop making better tech after making these machines? This would be like us, deciding to attack an a major super power with bows and arrows, rather then tanks, because we simply stopped making stuff. Not to mention, these craft appear to be “right under” the ground of what, EVERY major city in the world! wow.. That’s good planning! To boot, they are also just a few meters below the surface, I’m surprised no one putting in a pool found one in Jersey!.

Ah yes.. One of the best places to survive certain extinction.. But for gods sake do we have to see so many of them and for so much of the picture? With the chance to maybe show something unique, something on par with the opening of the movie and the bridge being destroyed, Steve focus on stairs and small windows instead.

Traveling through hell, everyone dies, people evaporate but hell if you can kill a troubled teen! Yes that’s right, through out the movie the “boy” is trying to get himself killed, and at one important point in the picture runs over the hill to witness the “battle”. First, why the fuck can’t we see this battle? Is it to expensive for the budget? We only see the top of the hill, did they need the extra money for the basements? So after what appears to be EVERYONE being flamed, we find out at the end the boy lives.. And is fine and apparently made it to their mothers house 20 minutes before dad and little sis.

Aliens and story.
Well to be truthful the movie didn’t have much of either. Yes, we know the aliens are attacking because they “want” Earth, but do we know anything above that? Besides the fact they don’t like bicycles? The aliens look rather fragile too, but love to make huge machines… I’ve read the following.

“I just thought it would be fun to make a really scary movie with really scary aliens, which I had never done before,” Spielberg says.

I can’t really say these aliens were scary! They kind of had 3 tiny frog legs and a big head. *Spoiler* The aliens die because they are subjected to our “germs” and “micro-organisms”. I get that, but do you come to a party that is BYOB and bring the wine coolers? Hell no! So why would these aliens (who we must believe are advanced)not know about basic bio hazard procedure and air quality? They “seed” the Earth with their “evil blood fed plants” but not one of their scientists thought to make the plant hardy?? It is being planted on another freakin world for Gods sake…

I could go on, but I want to touch on the highlights.
First, props for making the Caravan the survival car of the future! My dad would love that… Next, props for making an exciting seamless car scene while going down the freeway. Those that notice will see several 180’s around the car and pans and push through all with out cuts while the car speeds down the Highway. This is of course all digitally created and seamlessly blended.

Next, is the bridge destruction scene at the start of the film. Again, seamless and blended perfectly. It shows the scope and size of the event and captures the “HOLY FUCK RUN!” desire the main characters are feeling. However, out side of this initial shot, we don’t get any real feeling of “The world is under attack” out side of some 3rd rate characters talking about it.

What I would have done..
Captured the scope of the invasion, as in make the invasion the backdrop for the story visually. Let the people know that humans are fighting back and failing with more then just crappy smoke and fire and some Humvee’s. Paint the struggle of this guys family with loss, the boy should have died! He ran head long into death and fire yet walks away untouched while thousands next to him are cooked alive or simply taken as food. I would have also expanded on the aliens outside of just showing them for 14 minutes in a basement playing with some guys old junk. “wow Chuck, Earth sure is neat! Look at this cute animal, it has circles for legs, horns and apparently one eye that glows. Lets keep it.

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. Maybe it’s some kind of pet!”

Not only is it insulting to be invaded by stupid pre-k redneck aliens, but it’s even worse to be invaded by stupid pre-k 3 legged aliens that don’t scare you or make good tactical decisions in an invasion.

In closing
3rd Rock for the Sun and Mars Attacks were better invasion stories. I’m also sure I could go on for a lot longer, talking about the shoddy acting and of course amazing basement scenes. Hell I could drone on about the “tentacle eye” ala The Abyss, but I wont. You’ll just have to see this as a rental and believe me.

Steve, if you ever read this.. Make more movies like Private Ryan and Jurassic Park, and hirer your buddy George to do the CGI.


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