Aug 022005

I know what your thinking, it?s been a few days since I put anything up here worth while, or ?informative?

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. You?d be right in thinking that over the last few days I?ve been somewhat busy, yet not really doing things that create tangible results. I?ve been busting ass at work these last few weeks (and plan to turn up the heat) in an effort to create, as work likes to say ?Critical Mass? this may mean some more time at home, busting ass and less time having a good time. Don?t worry though, I?m still making time for the people who are important in my life, because with out them, there?s no real reason to bust ass at work.

I have some big titled projects at work and the opportunity to shine, now?s my chance. =)

On a lighter side, tonight I went to a work related event; it was set to kick off at 7:30pm and is a coming together of our customers and us. Well, come 8pm and no customers had shown up yet, so we all bolted. I kind of feel sorry for Christine, tonight would have been her first, and she had gotten dressed up for it (she was beautiful as all hell) and nobody got to see it. I am so going to make that up to her!

I’m off to bed, good night everyone!

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