Aug 142005

I’ve gone and updated my picture section, “MyArt”. I decided to break it up some with a picture section devoted to life here in the bay area and all the fun things that are going to happen to me. I think it’s better then making one giant page that scrolls forever. I’ll most likely break it up some more later on, but this was a good start. I uploaded July and the first half of August’s worth of images as well, lots of picture taking now that I have a phone with a decent camera in it. =)

Christine also spotted me her 25 gallon fish tank today

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. It’s filty as all hell, but I think I can clean it up and get my guys into it. The tank is 5 times the volume of my small 5 gallon tank, so I’m thinking the fish will have a LOT more room to swim around. I’m going to keep the smaller tank though, and make it a “guys” only tank or I may even take it up to work and have them be the department mascot fish.

Got promoted in Battlefield 2 last night, and got my new kit unlock. I went with the SA-80 and the Medic kit.

Check out my stats here!
Fenris, went ahead and created a clan page for us there, you can see our ever growning company of men by clicking here.

Going to play some time, need to get used to the kit =)

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