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Sacramento was a lot of fun, it was a long day, but good fun. I had the chance to spend a little time with Christines parents there. They just completed some deck work, which looked very good. We also saw the capitol and the grounds surrounding it. After that we made our way to “old town” which seemed more like “Tourist Town” but it was still fun. It’s set up in this “wild west” like theme that I assume Sacramento had at one time in the mid 1800’s. We had a really good dinner at a Holiday Inn.

The drive home was pretty long, but we decided in the end to take 5 back, so Chrstine showed me Lodi. Ahh the Lodi of legend.

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. the Lodi of song… Lucky for me it was dark out =) I also got to pick up the bottom to the fish tank Christine is letting me use for my fish.

On a down note
Christine is angry with me this afternoon.

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