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This weekend saw one of the largest hurricanes in the last 10 years hit the gulf states, leaving behind shear destruction and loss. Buildings destroyed, boats washed a shore, entire city blocks flooded and washed away. But that does not compare to the compassion that has in itself flooded the area so soon after, with the Red Cross and others donating millions.

Unfortunately, with the good also comes the bad, and I’ve seen on TV what I thought would only be something viewed from other countries, looting and hate. I understand if a person needs to break into a food store to get water or even food to eat, I understand you may need to take the blankets and towels

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. Your life could depend on it! But what I don’t understand are the ones who take the TV’s, electronics, and clothing, or the car jacking and random shootings that are taking place. It saddens me more to hear that people have taken advantage like this then for them to expend the energy it would take to help another, rather then steal from them.

I can only hope that the Guard and local authorities exercise extreme force if needed to keep order in these cities and towns, it sickens me to think that Americans would stoop so low.

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