Sep 242005

It’s been awhile hasn’t it?? Probably thinking I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth right?? Well that couldn’t be furthest from the truth. I’ve been here, yes stuck on Earth working my Earth like ass off mostly.

I have been spending a lot of time with Christine and helping her get settled in with her new jobs and such. Quizing her on various peices of knowledge and all. I’m so excited for her and bursting with pride. I’ve also been working on some really large projects at work as well as trying to be the point man for one of our largest current projects. I also recently got tasked with a VERY high visibility item that will be months in the making but should propel me forward nicely.

On the personal front, life just seems to get better every day, though I could always use a little extra sleep =) I’m going to try and work on a redesign of the site as well in my free time. I have big plans for this place to at least “look” better… 😛 As well Christine has expressed interest in a “Florida” news section which would be updated with wierd and odd “real” news from the great state of Florida.. I was thinking a cool name would be “Florida Juice”… =) or something poetic and similar…

Anyways it’s super late and like I mentioned early I really need to work on that sleep part… more.

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nite all!


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