Oct 022005

Its the weekend! Serenity is here as well. Going to try to see that tonight, so far excellent reviews about it.
Check out some of the sites!
Serenity movie net
official Movie Site
Yahoo’s Review of Serenity

Anyways I hope to go see it tonight like I said, but we’ll see I need Mike to call me back! I have also been putting away some more of my toys.. I think I’m missing some??? I can’t find my Star Destroyer model and other models….. Has to be around here somewhere??!!

Christine is working a double today, this was her first official day of work out of training at the Market and she told me so far it’s not gone so well! They lost the power for over an hour! And she spilled wine on a women :\ However, if that woman knows better she will realize that a great thing happened to her instead!! =)

I love you Christine and I hope the rest of the day goes great!

In other news, I was supposed to talk to the lady that lives below me so I could get a key to her garage (since my storage space for the apartment is there) but she hasn’t been home all day :\ Must be some kind of old person thing.

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. I’m going to call the landlord in the morning and see if he can get me a key, then all I need is a lock and I can move some of my tool bins down stairs out of the apartment to make some more room here.

Oh by the way.. Christine and Matt are moving into the apartment with me. I’m super excited if just a little nervous. We move at two different speeds (and I think that’s why we get along so well with each other) and she is all zip, zip, zip, lets do this and that. I’m eager to do it all, but I guess I don’t respond well to “lets all do this on your first day off of the weekend :\ I’m coming around though, I’ve got lots of support from her and I can always buy her chocolate to buy me some more time.. I think I should get her some for tonight!! =)

Well I’m off, going to call Mike again and see if he is ready to head out!


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