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Marco anagrams

2-letter words
am, ar, ma, mo, om, or

3-letter words
arc, arm, cam, car, cor, mac, mar, moa, mor, oar, oca, ora, orc, ram, roc, rom

4-letter words
arco, coma, corm, cram, marc, mora, orca, roam

5-letter words
carom, macro
Christine anagrams

2-letter words
eh, en, er, es, et, he, hi, in, is, it, ne, re, sh, si, ti

3-letter words
chi, cis, ens, ern, ers, eth, hen, her, hes, het, hic, hie, hin, his, hit, ice, ich, ins, ire, its, net, nit, nth, rec, rei, res, ret, rin, sec, sei, sen, ser, set, she, sic, sin, sir, sit, sri, ten, the, tic, tie, tin, tis

4-letter words
cent, chin, chis, chit, cine, cire, cist, cite, cris, erns, erst, etch, eths, etic, heir, hens, hent, hern, hers, hest, hets, hies, hins, hint, hire, hisn, hist, hits, ices, ichs, inch, inti, ires, iris, itch, nest, nets, nice, nisi, nits, recs, rein, reis, rent, resh, rest, rets, rice, rich, rins, rise, rite, sect, sent, shin, shri, sice, sine, sinh, sire, site, sith, snit, stir, tens, tern, then, thin, thir, this, tics, tier, ties, tine, tins, tire

5-letter words
cents, cesti, chert, chest, chine, chins, chits, cines, cires, citer, cites, crest, cries, ethic, heirs, heist, hents, herns, hints, hires, icier, inert, inset, inter, intis, ither, neist, nerts, nicer, niche, nisei, niter, nitre, recti, reins, rents, resin, retch, rices, ricin, rinse, risen, rishi, rites, scent, senti, serin, shent, shier, shine, shire, shirt, since, siren, stein, stern, stich, tench, terns, thein, their, thens, thine, thins, tiers, tines, tires, trice, tries, trine

6-letter words
cherts, chines, chints, chitin, citers, cither, cities, citrin, cretin, echini, enrich, estrin, ethics, ethnic, hinter, iciest, incest, inches, incise, incite, inerts, insect, insert, inters, irenic, itches, nicest, niches, niters, nitres, nitric, richen, riches, ricins, seniti, shiner, shrine, sinter, snitch, stench, steric, theins, theirs, thrice, tinier, trench, trices, triens, trines

7-letter words
chitins, cistern, cithern, cithers, cithren, citrine, citrins, cretins, crinite, eristic, ethnics, hinters, hircine, ichnite, inciter, incites, inherit, irenics, itchier, neritic, richens, richest, sericin, shinier, sthenic

8-letter words
christen, christie, citherns, cithrens, citrines, crinites, ichnites, inciters, inherits, snitcher
Matt anagrams

2-letter words
am, at, ma, ta

3-letter words
mat, tam, tat

4-letter words

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