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Tonight I sit here in the dark knowing how much I love Christine and Matt. Christine is at work after a long day of watching matt grow up while I myself was at work. I know how hard this kind of job is for her but I don’t always express how good she is at it. Matt is very attached to his mother so when she is not around he lets you know who he really wants. Matt also has trouble sleeping through the whole night, which means for the last hour, he’s been tossing and turning, at times crying and asking for his mother. I can only be his paba, which doesn’t hold as much importance to him yet as Christine does. So what exactly am I trying to say?

I only really get to experience a 10th of Matt and just that much time with him can make me a wreck. I can only imagine what it would be like to watch him all the time, and that thought makes we want to hug Christine and tell her what a great person she is. Only about another 1.5 hours before that great person gets home..

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. Lets hope I can make it that long to say “I Love You”

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