Nov 062005

Being in love is hard sometimes, I’m not saying you love the person any less, the contrary is true. I actually love her more. It’s just difficult sometimes to be the warm, fuzzy, sweet person you normally are

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. Everyone goes through it, no one can really be immune. Hell you might think you are, but you’ll find yourself some day saying something stupid, or trying to pretend your cool just before your foot/head should be put up your ass.

I’m not saying this as an excuse, shit we wouldn’t be humans if we didn’t have flaws or mess up all the time. I’m just saying this because sometimes you can say your listening but in truth your not. I’m guilty of this, fuck it’s probably my greatest flaw. I probably learned it from work, since I have to tune out so many people every day and like a shotgun, at times you hit the ones you love. I can’t really apologize for it more then once, in a way I don’t want to apologize more then once, I know it’s a flaw, and when you make someone do that it makes them feel like dirt because change doesn’t happen over night.

In truth all I want is someone to love me for who I am, and I will love you for who you are. In truth I most likely need a day off or two from work and some headphone time alone, or really just time off from work with just you. =)

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