Nov 122005

Things are going great lately. Christine and I are having a great time, in fact we are going to RENO this week for a 3 day holiday. We’ll be seeing her father for breakfast around 9am, then continuing on to RENO for a 12pm arrival most likely. We are staying at the Silver Legacy.. one of the “Best” hotel/casino resorts there. I got us the “spa” suit, which comes with this kick ass HUGE hot tub… I’m also going to call tomorrow and set up some massage time..

On the home front.. The house is coming together, almost everything is put away and has a home. I’ll be cleaning out the small fish tank I have (since all the creatures that lived in it are now dead) and be setting it up for a few gold fish. I really think Matt will like the bright gold and bobbly eyes these guys have =) plus he’s been missing the fish that used to be in there.. He can’t say “nite nite ishy’s” anymore… To them

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On the work front… Things are going great, though being promoted has meant a lot less “front line grunting stuff”. The down side.. My job has turned into “Write these documents” but I can’t seem to find the damn time to.. hehe..

On the other fronts.. Everything else is great… I’m with the most amazing person in the world.. How could things be bad?? In fact things are so great, I’m going to go play a game online now.. I need to brush up on my black jack.. 😛

Peace guys, and I’ll upload some pics of the vacation for sure.. It’s bound to be freakin awesome!

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