Nov 162005

RENO baby, RENO! yes we have returned and oh what a trip it was! Little Vegas was some good fun.

Day #1
We left very early in the morning on Monday, stopping in Sacramento for some breakfast with Christines Father. After that we stopped by Fry’s to get some mini DV tapes and then hit the road again. The trip into the mountains was great, clean air and a chance to stop at “Donner Lake”, yes that Donner..

We got to Reno just after 2pm and checked into the Silver Legacy Casino. The hotel was awesome, very large, bright and full of “bling”.

Christine and I got a “Deluxe Spa suit”, which was nice but the hotel said it wouldn’t be ready for another hour… (after 3pm). I found this odd, since they knew we were coming (and checking in) and check out is 11am (remember this time since it will come back around).

We went exploring and decided to see the sites. We quickly found Circus Circus and El Dorado which were close by and connected to the SL. They were ok, but I have to tell you, after living here in Cali for the last year plus and then going to NV the shear stink of thousands of smokers, who haven’t bathed in days, nor moved from their slot machine seats, smelling like cheat well drinks can make any man want to toss his lunch (or in this case breakfast still). What a culture shock as well, I had forgotten how many sizes older people come in.

It’s been a while since I gambled, or played slots (which is mostly what I did) but I have to admit, the joy of sitting there playing a game that just “might” pay you back is really fun. I spent most of the vacation (after discovering it) playing video poker, which I will admit, I was rather good at. Christine spent most of her time searching for the ever elusive “Jackpot Party”. We found dozens of penny and five cent machines, but we were never able to find the one she loves, the twenty five cent slot.

That night, after a rather large buffet we toured more of the Reno strip. After the first 10 minutes we found that the strip is really just 4 casinos within the 2 blocks.

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. We later found out that the other casinos (like Atlantis) are miles away at the other end of town). Anyways, the night was very nice and ended well.

More to come in day 2!

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