Nov 182005

Reno Day Two

Some observations we had..
You can have one cab driver quote Hemingway, and mention how teenagers know everything, while another cab driver will tell you his political thoughts. Like the fact he doesn’t think ragheads or monkeys should be allowed to stay in their sand castles.

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Anyways… Day two was our tour of Reno, we went out to Atlantis and Peppermill. These casinos are on the other side of town from were we where staying. Peppermill was VERY cool, we ate sushi there in the most unique dining area I’ve ever had dinner. It was “under water” blue neons, bubbles.. Sharks.. Little fish all around.. Very nice. Atlantis was not the very best place for luck.. And it was a good 10 block walk to it from the PMill.

Upon our return to the SL, we ate and then went out again to do some light gambling and see more lights. Christine had mentioned that she wanted to go to this nightclub, so we set off looking for it. Unfortunately we went the wrong way done Virginia street and ended up not going to it. (However, we did freeze our butts off and would like to give a shout out to Jason for giving us long distance google directions!)

We ended the evening by having carrot cake for dinner and then getting some sleep.. Morning came pretty fast!

Continue.. With Day three… The final day.. And then “final thoughts”

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