Nov 262005

Reno Day #3

Still not put off by the fact that when you put money in the machine.. it only gives you money back out…. once in a great while we press on! We get an early start and pack the car and check out of the hotel. But ran behind when the hotel across the way caught on fire!! Christine wants to check out the Sands, so we head there first. The tables are nice and small and Christine ends up winning and coming out ahead on blackjack.

We finally decide to leave Reno, but we got caught up in Boomtown where we watched 2 people win big on 50 cent slots 4 times!! But apparently with keeping with tradition within the hour the money was gone… =)

We ended up eating in a tiny mexican place this side of the moutains and just about an hour out of sacromento

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. It was nice as they had a fire place going and christine (being cold most days) enjoyed sitting in front of it.. sucking the heat from the wood…

There are pics up here so enjoy!

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