Dec 012005

It’s been a while since I updated this site.. My apologies things have been rather busy around here.

Work and the love of my life have taken center stage as both my love for Christine and the responsibilities at work have doubled. Though I would say that my love far exceeds work at the moment =). That being said, I’m hoping to spend lots of glorious fun and exciting time with my hearts angel while also trying to balance work in a way that gives me maximum exposure and gets the tasks I need done, finished on time.

I also want to be able to have a social life outside of work that gets me back in touch with friends that I’ve not had a lot of time to hang out with. I’m hopping Christine can help me here as I really enjoy spending time with her too, and if she doesn’t mind spending time with my friends then I can enjoy the best of both worlds. (yes I know I’m a greedy fellow!)

My manager at work leaves for baby birthing vacation this Friday, which means that the remaining staff have to step up to the plate. With out her to guide us we have to prove we can live cut from the safety of the vine. With that being said, I’m finally getting more job duties that are “outside” of what I was doing before and are what one would call “management” tasks

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. This means I’m now able to focus on high level issues, increase my exposure to other teams and departments and start doing the job of the person above me (so I can at sometime in the future take it from them) =)

For now though, I have to find the water restrictor that Christine wanted me to put on the shower. However, I can’t find it :\ nor remember what happen to it… I guess as I gradually get older… This will become more common.. I can only hope Christine remembers… Since with out her.. I often can’t remember what I’m supposed to be doing 😛

I’ll try and blog more, I promise!

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